Marina Warner ‘Stranger Magic’

At the recent annual ‘Aye Write’ Festival at the Mitchell Library we had the pleasure, for the second time, to listen to the fascinating talks by Marina Warner. Her many books are absolute goldmines of ideas and information for puppeteers.

Her latest book, ‘Stranger Magic’, ‘Charmed States and the Arabian Nights’, is an outstanding history of magical thinking, exploring the power of the Arabian Nights and its impact on the west and revealing some of its wondrous tales.

Her book shows how magic, in its deepest sense, how it helped to create the modern world and how it is still inscribed in the way we think today.

We spent a considerable time discussing many common interests including Lotte Reiniger, the legendary silhouette film maker. The cover of her book reflects her work, and puppeteers will be interested to know that a chapter about Lotte is in the book.

540 pages, many black and white illustrations, and 16 pages of fine coloured illustrations.

Published by Chatto and Windus. The book costs £28.

John Blundall